La Conchita Landslide - Ventura County, CA<font style=\"float:right;font-size:12px;font-weight:normal\">Photo courtesy of USGS</font>
Broad Beach Sea Level Rise - Los Angeles County, CA
Oakhurst Landslide Repair- Contra Costa County, CA
Eden Canyon Road Landslide - Alameda County, CA
Blackhawk Landslide Repair - Contra Costa County, CA
Oakhurst Landslide Repair - Contra Costa County, CA
Sequoia/Conifer Terrace Landslide Repair - Contra Costa County, CA
La Conchita Landslide - Ventura County, CAPhoto courtesy of USGS
What are GHADs?The 1979 Beverly Act provided for the establishment of Geologic Hazard and Abatement Districts (GHADs) as independent public agencies to oversee geologic hazards in defined geographic areas. more »

There are nearly 50 GHADs in California working to prevent, mitigate and abate geologic hazards. The California Association of GHADs is currently in the start-up phase with a founding Board of Directors.

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Periodically coming together to combine resources, knowledge, and influence will increase the understanding, effectiveness, and power of GHADs in the State. more »

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